Fazar payesh

As one of the main purposes of online monitoring systems is to comply with air emission standards announced by environmental authorities such as The Iranian Department of Environment, sending valid and accurate data to such centers is one of the essential and important requirements of any online monitoring system.
Generally a Data Transfer System is composed of the following parts.
- Hardware part consisting of all of the equipment used to transfer data to authorities in form of data files and through the appropriate channels.
- Software part which includes a Web Based application to process and display received data in a form which could be used by the authorities
Therefore, it is very important to use the right hardware to convert the data into the desirable format and transfer it through a reliable and precise channel to minimize errors and data loss. Moreover, the designated data process and display application should have an appropriate design to receive data, decode and display it error-free and in a user friendly interface.
Faraz Payesh is a standard package of hardware and software which sends the data gathered from online gas, dust and wastewater analyzers to the monitoring centers such as The Iranian Department of Environment through Internet and displays them in form of a web page.
In this system, the gathered data is converted to a system-recognized format using a Data Logger and is then transmitted in different ways including LAN, Direct Internet Connection using a Modem or a Mobile Phone Simcard.
Data transmission can be done using one of or combination of the methods to prevent any possible error or loss of data in case of a problem with one of the data transmission channels.
The Software section of Faraz Payesh includes a unique web page with its own login information including a user name and a password assigns to each client. The received data could be displayed in form of daily, weekly and monthly trends or in customized periods.
In this way, the data transfer is done in the shortest time with the highest possible precision as well as protecting data against any modification is guaranteed.


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