Filter Leak Monitors

Filter Leak Monitors, also known as Burst Bag Detectors (Europe) and Bag Leak Detectors (US), track changes in emissions from particulate arrestment plant and provide a tool to minimise emissions and monitor for arrestment plant malfunction (e.g. damaged filtration media).

Measure dust concentrations after filter units to quickly identify broken bags. Plant must be ensured that the air recycled back into the workshop does not have excess dust.


Filter Performance Monitors continuously monitor and display particulate emissions and indicate relative changes over time to provide valuable feedback on filter plant performance (bagfilters, cyclone filters, dryers, scrubbers). In addition, the ability to locate faulty filter media by row or compartment minimises the need to replace filtration

media, reduces labour requirements for fault location and reduces process downtime. This functionality can be combined with Particulate Measurement Systems and data logging control units, and where required systems are available with full performance approvals.

Dust Gross Filter Failure Detectors track significant increases in particulate loadings to indicate failure in the arrestment plant (e.g. gross bag filter failure or cyclone overflow). Gross Filter Failure Detector alarms typically require immediate reactive maintenance to be taken on the filter plant, as there is no pre-emptive warning or early indication of filter deterioration