Gas Alert Micro Clip X3 multi-gas detector

The GasAlertMicroClip is the world’s most popular multi-gas detector, serving as your trusted companion in hazardous environments — keeping you safe without weighing you down. More importantly, it’s the first multi-gas detector with a rating of IP68 for unmatched water protection. So you can be confident it will stand up to challenging conditions. Some of the key features of GasAlertMicroClip include the followings:

  • Continuously detect up to 4 gas hazards including H2S, CO, O2 and LEL.
  • One‑button operation
  • Continuous visual compliance with IntelliFlashTM
  • Continuous LCD shows simultaneous gas concentrations
  • Internal vibrating alarm
  • Records TWA, STEL & maximum exposures to gas and displays reading on command
  • fully compatible with Honeywell's MicroDock II automatic test & calibration station
  • Full function self-test of sensor, battery, circuitry & audible/visual/vibration alarms
  • Standard data logger
  • Compact & light weight design