Online Stack Gas Analyzer


Continuous Emissions and Periodic Emissions Monitoring Systems. Protea has been at the forefront of emissions monitoring systems for 20 years, as both a manufacture and a user of stack emissions equipment.


Protea is a UK-based instrument manufacture and systems builder specializing in spectroscopic gas analysis, using FTIR, TDLAS and QMS technologies amongst others. Our customer-focused analysis systems for process, emission, and environmental monitoring can provide a solution for direct installation into a plant (such as CEM systems) or we can provide the analytical technology on an OEM basis to preferred system integrators for your installations and packaged systems. We can provide core analyzers for mobile or laboratory testing or complete integrated systems with complex sampling systems for plant processes and emissions.

From in-depth knowledge of measurement technologies, through system integration and software optimization, to complete turn-key systems; Protea provides the solution to process improvement and emissions control.

Through the commercialization and deployment of new technologies, Protea Ltd delivers customer-focused solutions for process, emission, and environmental monitoring needs. With an in-depth knowledge of measurement technologies, system integration and turn-key system engineering and software optimization; Protea can provide the solution to process and emissions control.

From the sampling technique, through measurement instrumentation to data analysis and handling, Protea will supply the most suitable technology and engineering for the process. With a complete analytical systems understanding, we can ensure accurate results are delivered efficiently to the end-user, be it the laboratory analyst, site instrument engineer or the larger plant process control.

  • World leader in FTIR technology for process and emissions measurement for liquid and gas streams
  • Chemo metric and multi-variety analysis expertise, enabling multi-component measurement solutions
  • On-line process control systems, with data handling and storage to industrial standards providing instant access to real-time process information
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMs) with ppb to percent level measurement ranges of organic and inorganic gas species
  • Portable analyzers, such as mass spectrometer, for ambient air, roadside emissions, boundary fence, and workplace PEL and TLV testing
  • Specialist laboratory instruments for specific applications e.g. fire testing to ISO 19702, breathing gas analysis to MOD Defense Standard 68-284