Snooper Mini


Gas leak detector for leak detection in indoor gas installations


The SNOOPER mini is a small but very robust compact gas leak detector specifically designed for inspection of accessible gas lines and fittings. Perfect for any plumber looking for an economic gas detector. Modern gas leak detectors have considerable advantages over leak detection spray techniques that were used in the past. The SNOOPER mini indicates the presence of gas and also indicates the concentration at the leak.

The SNOOPER mini is perfect for gas suppliers and contractors that are inspecting pipe installations and fittings inside or outside. Also, the SNOOPER mini is ideal for plumbers or professionals tasked with finding or repairing gas leaks on residential or commercial buildings. Also, fleet mechanics that routinely inspect and repair vehicles with LPG/NG on board.

In addition, SEWERIN's SNOOPER mini is a sturdy gas leak detector for inspecting accessible gas lines. Overall, gas leak detectors have a decisive advantage over the leak detection sprays that are still commonly used, in that they not only indicate the presence of a leak, but also the concentration at the leak site.

The SNOOPER mini is available with sensor to indicate methane-CH4, propane-C3H8 & hydrogen-H2



  • Affordable price
  • Robust handheld design
  • Replaceable sensor filter
  • Fast start-up time
  • Audible signal - concentration-dependent and deactivation option
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Low interference from other gases and moisture
  • The instrument for the detection of flammable gas leaks calibrated on methane and other gases
  • Small and very robust gas detector to inspect pipelines for leaks
  • Very fast warm uptime
  • Very fast recovery time allows you to hone in on gas leak source fast and accurately
  • Replaceable sensor
  • Digital display with real gas levels NOT an LED bar graph or just a Geiger counter-style indication - Quantify and measure leak levels
  • The gas level also indicated by Geiger counter type acoustics - may be turned on or off
  • Illuminated display fur use in low light situations - behind cupboards, etc
  • Detection in the ppm range
  • Detects gas leaks when passed along joints such as fittings, flanges and pressure regulators
  • High performance, low price
  • Available calibrated on Methane, Propane or Town Gas

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